Point of Conversation

10 01 2011

Curated by Natasha Bailey in Collaboration with 918 Bathurst in Toronto and Junko Otake with 3331 Gallery in Tokyo Japan.  Friday January 14th from 9.30pm to midnight.  A night of Performance and Video by artists in Toronto Canada, London UK, and Tokyo Japan.

The manner in which we use language determines the success of a conversation.  In Points of Conversation the art of communication becomes synonymous with the relationship of Art and language.  The performances and videos explore our daily frustration and love of using language(s); the incompatibility and compatibility of language(s) and the anxiety that we sometimes experience when we cannot properly connect words into a comprehensive flow.

Technology has allowed for fast and easy access to communication.  Dialogue travels across oceans and continents connecting people and places through digital media. The traveling of pixels and sound waves can results in the straining and fragmentation of information and language.  The communication of digital code along its journey can become miss-sequenced and abstracted resulting in a message from a broken telephone.  At its destination the message is reassembled into a digital conversation of human speech.  Artwork that is being streamed online allows the artist access to a global audience directly from their studio.

Artists include: Natasha Bailey & Junko Otake, Sam Belinfante, Francisco-Fernando Granados, Holly slingsby, Amanda Wasielewski and Danielle Williams.


please follow the links bellow for live performance streaming:

Junko and Natasha’s performance can be found live at:



Fransisco-Fernando Granados’s performance can be found live at:





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