Series of Confessions


Awkwardly Futuristic speeds up an obviously doomed relationship with the future into a 7min and 32sec time line.  Time and space collapse as I attempt to link Toronto Canada with the 5 hour future of Glasgow UK.  Our interaction goes through a natural development that any relationship might take.  From an anxious introduction, to a relaxed rapport, the relationship climax’s when I realize the inevitable failure of our connection.

The piece was made especially for The View from Little Diomede in Glasgow UK. Jointly curated by +44 141 and the Market Gallery at SWG3.  An exhibition which explores alternative realities within contemporary art practices.


Duet with my iPod Touch

Performance, 6min, 2010

photos by Joe Clark

Written, composed and sung by Natasha Bailey


Performance, 5min, 2010

photos by Holly Slingsby

I left a message on my cellphone confessing my dissatisfaction with our relationship and giving it until November 19th 2010 before I was to leave it.


Performance, 6min, 2009

Photos by Sarah Kate Wilson and Zena Bielewicz

For better reading please follow the vimeo link to see A Printed Confession in HD

“To my dearest HP Deskjet,

It’s almost been a year since I picked you out.  You were the cheapest, most reliable and you came with a set of inks.  When I got you home I couldn’t wait to unwrap you and print something out.  Remember how we printed the Google map together?  Things were great!

In the last few months, I’ve noticed something.  Please don’t be offended.  I’m convinced you have an inking problem.  I’ve tried to get you to cut back.  I wasn’t asking for quick drafts because I was in a rush.  It’s not that I don’t want to spend time with you it’s just that you spit pages out so aggressively sometimes and I’m worried you’re going to ruin our prints.

It probably doesn’t help that I’ve been seeing the Epson Stylus at school.  I know how insecure you are about that but they print A3 on a flat rate and it’s never a high bill.

Recently when we’ve printed together, I’ve been watching your ink levels.  I get scared when they drop.  I think back to the last time I went out to get you a refill and how expensive it was.  I can’t be wasting my time running around trying to find you cheaper ink.  I hate to say this but if this is going to work, you’re going to have to meet me half way.

All my love,

Natasha Bailey”


Performance, 10min, 2009

Photos by Zena Bielewicz

There’s something I want to confess.  I’ve always wanted a Nikon.  When you were given to me, I felt obligated to use you.  I fixed you because I had no other camera. Thought you should know.


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