Dear Emboss

I embossed a letter live to Emboss.

Performance, 1h, 2010

Thanks to Chiara Williams for the awesome photos

Dear Emboss,

I can’t believe it has taken me this long to find you.  You hide yourself so well from a distance and only let the curious see you for what you really are.  You are a delicate beauty that begs to be in the spotlight so you can be looked upon and admired.  Every moment that I am in your presence, I can’t help but want to touch and caress you.  I promise I will always finger you with the softest touch.  I want to lightly stroke the curves and the shapes that you posses careful not to bruise or damage your surface.  You must let me.  I yearn for you.  Please do not deny me the desires I have for you.  It would destroy me.

Forever longing for you,

Natasha Bailey


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