From T to T

Collaboration between Natasha Bailey and Junko Otake, 30min, 2011

From T to T is a collaborative performance between myself and Junko Otake (  The performance is streamed live from Toronto Canada and Tokyo & Osaka Japan.  The performance plays on the breakdown of a conversation.  Via skype, Otake writes to me in Phonetic Japanese while I write to her in phonetic French.  With each exchange of text, Otake and I attempt to read each others message aloud.  The audiences laugh at our mispronunciations.  Only half of the dialogue is ever understood by each country.  We become aware of the incompatibility of the two languages as a viable tool for communication.  The script is an excerpt from chapter 7: A Mad Tea Party from Alice in Wonderland.   Chosen for its universal appeal and playful dialogue.  Near the end of the performance the audience is encouraged to join in.  A sudo Karaoke session takes place between the audience in Canada and the audience in Japan.

To view the recorded video for the performances please follow the links bellow.

Thanks to Susy George Hart for event photos


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