Set Free On This Spot

Performance for camera and mixed media, 2010

A photography/performance project titled Set Free On This Spot works with samples of dirt, sand, and stones.  These were taken from the different cities that I visited while living in London.  I decided to purge my life of this obsessive collection but they represent the places, memories, and time of my travels.  I attributed emotions and feelings to these piles of organic matter and felt they should be treated respectfully as I attempted to cleanse myself of them.  The solution was to hold a memorial service for them,  spreading them like ashes.  Perhaps then I would find closure.  Thinking about the day that I would have to scatter the ‘ashes’ of each city and letting go of symbolic memories, scared me. To alleviate this doubt, I pulled out pieces of information and data, such as Pantone Colours, Postcards, Embossed prints, and letters.  The performance tooks place on the cliffs of Beachy Head where a memorial plaque was left in tribute to my  beloved collection. Only small vials of the ashes are kept. These are worn everyday thereafter.

Beachy Head, Lamda Print, 3' x 4', 2010 (Memorial Service for 7 jars of dirt/stones/sand)

Embossed Print, Average Colour, Letter (TOP), Documentation, plaque detail (BOTTOM)


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