Performing at Analogue Gallery for Nuit Blanche 2013

1 10 2013

I will be performing “Character Profile” at Analogue Gallery (10pm onward) for this year’s 2013 Nuit Blanche (673 Queen W, West of Bathurst). Stop by and become a Character to my madness.Look forwards to see you all there.




Performed Sept 5 at Lover Lounge in Shoreditch, London

1 10 2013

PERFORMED Sept 5 AT LOVER LOUNGE IN SHOREDITCH. 7.30 to 11pm. An amazing turnout where the audience became a character to my madness!


Speed Date Me – 2012 NUIT BLANCHE Indedendent Project in Zone C

14 09 2012

Join me on Nuit Blanche 2012 at Tequila Bookworm.  Curated by Earl Miller with the Queen Street West BIA.

Performance artist Natasha Bailey shares her curiosity about the audiences of her performances: “I want to learn more about the audience, who they are, their interests, likes and dislikes.”  With this in mind, Bailey has designed a performance requiring the audience to fully interact with her. Tequila Bookworm is hosting this event in which the artist invites art seekers to take part in a five-minute Skype speed date.

Seated at two computers staged in the restaurant window, an audience member and the artist communicate by typing via keyboard – their computer screens are projected to reveal this interaction.

Texting and Internet-based dialogue has replaced most face‐to‐face encounters. This performance plays on the current human disconnect by forcing both parties to engage in an intimate encounter that limits personal interaction.

Curated by Earl Miller


6 06 2012

It’s official! the Bailey siblings are collaborating! Join Jeremy Bailey and Natasha Bailey at MOCCA for BYOB Toronto II, FRIDAY JUNE 8th (7 to 9pm)


Open Draw Auction

7 02 2012

I will be auctioning off ‘Dear Envelope’ at this years Open Draw Auction.  If you’re in the London area please check it out and support the ongoing Earthquake Disaster Relief for Japan.


Vocal Relics

21 09 2011

I’ll be performing a new piece Thursday 29th of September from 7 to 11 at Forgetus Gallery.  I’ll also be doing a collaborative performance with UK artist Junko Otake.  Not to forget about new works by the amazing Julia Abraham and Jamie Matechuk.

See you all there!!!!

The View from Little Diomede

8 07 2011







I have a new performance being screened July 8th for The View from Little Diomede. Jointly curated by +44 141 and the Market Gallery in Glasgow. Exhibiting artists are Chloe Ostmo, Oliver Flexman and Steven Dickie.  If you’re in the are check it out!